quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

Eat Pray Love?

Find yourself. The hardest thing to do. Some, never did. Some never will. Some will try their whole lives, and find themselves, and then get lost again. The hardest part? Fight the waves of NO's and YOU'RE CRAZY or YOU'LL NEVER MAKE IT, LOOK AT THOSE PEOPLE.
But where is the line the determines where you can compare yourself to others and where you can make it different? How can you fight against all odds just to follow your instincts without losing? Will you lose? If you go with your instincts, will you lose?
I never thought it would be this hard be face to face with what I want, I never thought I would be this scared. It IS so scary, to jump when everyone else is telling you not too, to swim against the currents when every one else is yelling that you will drown. You want to be brave, you have it in you that you should do what your little voice is telling you, but every single person is putting you down. It is scary, it is hard to be brave. But isn't almost every success story about that? About going crazy? Going the other way of the flow?
Can't help but wonder, how many people thought what I am thinking, went crazy and lost.
It takes your sleep, your hunger, your sanity. Fight, your heart say, stupid, your mind say.

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