segunda-feira, 17 de maio de 2010

The pessimistic ballad

between such faces of lost love pains
within the hearts that all were broken again and again
I linger my hopes, I draw my sadness
and lie down dressed with my favorite black satin

"will there be him lost in one of them"
it's what I ask for a suffering wind
and through my spine coldness rise up
"it must be my heart once more in abstinence of love"

"lust, it is something that have left my soul
and maybe it`s something that never again will grow"
before such dark thoughts 50 ravens have came
to pray for my heart that stopped beating so tamed

the lonely streets that shouts out my name
it knows I am here waiting in vain
and it is the window that replace my eyes
letting the darkness win within inside

it is thee whom forgotten me and never came
leaving me rot on sheets full of stain
made by my tears since forever I cried
for some other lost love that's now frozen in time

"there isn`t white horses to rescue my soul
nor handsome prince with who I will feel whole
all the kings horses nor all the kings men
would bring back together my pieces again"

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